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Greensburg Tattoo Removal FAQs

Is Laser Tattoo Removal Painful? 

Most patients/clients describe it as being tolerable and comparable to bacon grease splatter or a rubber band snapping on the treatment area. With the use of the Zimmer Cryo Therapy Machine, pain is mitigated by the cold air numbing the treated area while also protecting your skin from thermal injury. We can take a break at any point within the session. 

How many sessions are required for partial removal/full removal? 

This is a loaded question; there are a lot of variables when it comes to removing a tattoo. The effectiveness of the laser and its sessions has many different variables such as; Skin Type, location/placement of tattoo, size of tattoo, scars within the treated area, color of ink(s) used, and ink density. Ink density has two parts to it as well; If the tattoo was done professionally or not, and if the tattoo was ever reworked or covered up. Those two variables could require more sessions. Under normal circumstances, a tattoo is considered permanent; We are taking what is originally “permanent” and removing it from the skin. Our laser specialists devise a plan that is tailored specifically to you! Laser tattoo removal is a process that typically takes upwards of 8 – 12 sessions (or more) to completely remove a tattoo. For partial removal and covering up purposes, the number of sessions could be less or around the same as complete or full removal. Sessions are usually in between 10-40 minutes. 

How long in between Laser Tattoo Removal Sessions? 

Sessions can be spaced apart in between 4-12 weeks. To determine how long in between sessions, we take a look at how far along you are in your removal process and where the treatment area is on your body. Each and every tattoo and body are different and for this reason, every individual has their own specific plan devised to provide the best results possible. 

Will the laser cause a scar or scarring? 

This is an uncommon side effect that is possible if the aftercare guide is not followed. Typically scarring that is revealed was present prior to the laser removal session and possibly even done by the tattoo artist/tattoo gun accidentally. 

What if I only want to fade my tattoo / get it covered? 

That is perfectly fine! At Onyx, we are here for YOU first and foremost. We will work with you and your tattoo artist every step of the way. Once your artist is content with our work and feels confident that they can work and give you the tattoo you desire, you are free to go! As long as the proper aftercare is preformed and followed after your last laser session and before your next tattoo appointment, of course. 

Can only a portion of my tattoo be removed? 

With the Quanta Discovery Pico Plus, we are capable of removing any size section from a tattoo while leaving the section that is wanted, 100% intact. 

What is the aftercare for a Laser Tattoo Removal Session? 

It is important to follow our Aftercare guidelines as the aftercare of laser removal is just as important to the session as the laser is! At Onyx Wellness, pre-treatment and aftercare is explained in depth during the consultation and also after the laser session. Our team will also provide you a hard copy of the aftercare sheet so that there are no excuses for premium results!