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Pigmentation Removal FAQs

Can all pigmentation and areas of the body be treated?

Here at Onyx Wellness can safely treat any benign hyperpigmentation including café au lait birthmarks, sun spots, age spots, and even freckles. Any and all parts of the body can be treated. This includes face, arms, hands, chest, legs etc. 

Is laser pigmentation removal for me? 

Our Quanta Discovery Pico Plus is a top laser that is fully capable of laser pigmentation removal for patients in between Fitz I-III. Patients with raised pigmentation or a history of skin cancer are not eligible candidates for pigmentation removal.

Does pigmentation removal hurt? Are there any side effects?

From a patient’s standpoint there is minimal discomfort having this laser treatment performed. The same patients have also said that the results are well worth the process and slight discomfort that is the treatment.

Our Quanta Discovery Pico Plus selectively treats hyperpigmentation while leaving surrounding skin undamaged. After a pigmentation treatment, patients may experience temporary reddening and/or discoloring of the skin around the treatment site. 

How many treatments will I need and how often?

Treatment depends on the size and type of pigmentation, location and depth of the pigmentation. There are lesions that can be eliminated in a single treatment while others may need several appointments for optimal results. It is common for patients to have 2 or 3 sessions for pigmentation removal. Treatments are usually scheduled 4-8 weeks after being treated at our discretion.

When will I see results? Are the results permanent?

Typically, most patients see results after one treatment. It can take 2 weeks but it can also take up to 8 weeks for the final result. Pigmented lesions that have been lasered will not come back. However, that does not mean that various factors such as aging, changes in hormone levels, or UV exposure can stimulate new hyperpigmentation. This laser treatment does not protect areas from becoming pigmented in the future, only to remove current pigmentation.