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Quanta Discovery Pico Plus (Pigmentation & Tattoo Removal)

At Onyx Wellness, we use the Quanta Discovery Pico Plus. This laser utilizes Picosecond and Nanosecond (Q-Switch).
Both emission modes are up for discussion as being better than one another in laser tattoo removal. Truth be told, Laser Tattoo Removal has a place for both of them!
Picosecond and Nanosecond have their strong points and when combined, are capable of incredible and extraordinary results.

The Quanta Discovery Pico Plus has four emission modes in total; Picosecond, Nanosecond (Q-Switch), Opti Pulse, and Microsecond. The Quanta Discovery Pico Plus is working with three true wavelengths; 532nm, 1064nm, and 694nm. This laser is state-of-the-art technology that provides the power and precision for the most optimal results, while also causing the least amount of trauma and discomfort possible by today’s standards.

Here at Onyx Wellness; Our team of laser specialists create and design a plan and timeline that targets your needs specifically, as no two people or sessions are the same!

Zimmer Cryo Therapy Machine (Pigmentation & Tattoo Removal)

Just like salt and pepper, there is no laser tattoo removal without the Zimmer Cryo Therapy Machine. The Zimmer is an incredibly impressive machine that blows out very cold air (-30 degrees Celsius) through a hose directly to the treatment area. What this does is helps prepare and numb the skin for the thermal aspect of the laser. The Zimmer significantly decreases the amount of pain and trauma felt by the laser. That is also why the healing process is faster now than before with the introduction of the Zimmer to a laser treatment; it mitigates potential injury that your body, under normal circumstances, would be healing.

Motus AX (Hair Removal)

The Motus AX is state-of-the-art technology that it is safe and effective for skin types; light, dark and everything in between. The Motus AX can be used to target and permanently remove unwanted hair and does not discriminate whether you have light, fine hair or the darkest of skin tones. This laser utilizes Alexandrite at the 755 nm wavelength and offers total comfort; a virtually painless experience when it comes to its counterparts in laser hair removal. The time it takes for a session as compared to its predecessors in laser hair removal has been reduced dramatically. While also being faster, this particular laser is also more effective than its predecessors. What this laser does is eliminates some of the “difficult to tolerate” tradeoffs that other lasers and technologies have. It is always recommended that you talk with your physician about your specific skin conditions before starting treatment.